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18 May 2010, 19:48  226  53

Sarah GraceSarah Grace Horley is a soul/pop singer/songwriter from London, UK.

When it comes to instantly accessible and quick fire hooks, Sarah Grace could have written the rule book. Here is a collection of songs echoing the syncopation and acoustic driven pop of American counterparts such as Jack Johnson, but at the same time very much the natural sound of a home-grown talent from this Manchester born singer. .. .. .. From the sultry slow burn of 'Cry Me to Sleep' to the upbeat 'Only for One' there are healthy measures of everything from old blues and soul right through to today's contemporary songwriting values thrown in. More impressive is Sarah's effortless vocal weave that ties it all together. It's hard not to find yourself drawn into the songs by these soft but textured tones alone, and the players that provide the band behind these tracks on the album provide the perfect backdrop for Sarah's sometimes seductive, sometimes rejoicing voice to take centre stage.

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