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192 kbps   16,611   00s   MP3
192 kbps   7,005   Pop   MP3
112 kbps   5,872   Easy Listening   MP3
112 kbps   4,915   Easy Listening   MP3
760 kbps   4,080   Pop   MP3
64 kbps   3,094   Misc   AAC
160 kbps   2,949   Misc   MP3
128 kbps   2,887   Electronic   MP3
128 kbps   2,636   Easy Listening   AAC
170 kbps   2,401   Misc   MP3
128 kbps   2,305   Pop   MP3
320 kbps   2,273   Dirty South   MP3
64 kbps   2,175   Pop   AAC
128 kbps   2,167   90s   MP3
64 kbps   2,016   Easy Listening   AAC